Hey. Hi. I'm Charlene, a product designer based in San Francisco.

I design digital tools that help humans create and build things. Currently, I’m at Webflow working on tools that enable teams of various sizes and skill levels to efficiently create websites. Previously, I was at Remix leading design on a street sketching tool for transportation planners.

Remix Network Drawing Project Preview

Network Drawing in Remix – Helping transportation planners quickly draw and analyze bike and pedestrian networks

Advanced Editing in Remix – Expanding sketching capabilities so that transportation planners can draw more accurate street concepts

Remix Advanced Editing Project Preview
Moovel Rider App Tour Project Preview

Onboarding in the moovel App – Guiding users through changes after a redesign of the transit ticketing app

Cancel Your Getaround Trip – Giving renters the ability to cancel their trip through the mobile app to reduce customer service calls

Getaround Cancel Trip Project Preview
Past Illustrations

Other Things – a visual list of design dabblings that venture outside of product design