Yo! I’m Charlene, a Product Designer based in San Francisco.

I design digital things that are meaningful to humans like interfaces and experiences – things that are simple, delightful, consistent, useful, and all that good stuff.

App Redesign Tour

At moovel, I created a tour that guides users through changes introduced by a redesign of our transit ticketing app. The goal was to minimize the jarring experience for users who were familiar with an older design.

Cancel Your Trip

At Getaround, I designed an experience giving renters the ability to cancel their trip through the mobile app instead of having to call customer support—saving time for both the renter and the customer support team.

Landing Pages

I designed landing pages to encourage potential users to sign up for SportsID's new, central platform. The landing pages targeted various audiences: athletes, coaches, sports recruiters, recruitees, camps, and tournaments.

Other Things

Here's a visual list of the various projects I've had the pleasure of working on over the past few years–logos, icons, web layouts, etc..